JARKEN Co., Ltd. is the leading provider of architectural, design and construction services. Our extensive portfolio features prominent residential, commercial and hospitality projects both domestically and abroad. We serve the diverse needs of a premium group of clients, guided by a vision of professionalism, meticulous attention to detail, and passion for design.

As such, JARKEN has garnered the trust of our clients. We routinely engage in construction and interior design advisory work, and have received full client support to establish JK Builders Co., Ltd. Providing construction, engineering, architectural, and interior design services, this dynamic entity is committed to quality work and a strict adherence to international standards, and it has thus made a name for itself as a trusted industry player.

Inspired by the success of our distinctively striking and versatile design ethos, we have developed PYE Design Co., Ltd. to meet the demands of modern lifestyles. An emphasis on simplicity, quality and fluidity forms the backbone of this firm; all organizational, managerial and staff development planning stem from this belief in order to cover the lifestyle-centric needs of a diverse consumer base.

A fresh outlook, unique approach and creative spirit underpin every project and endeavor. Our clients have given us many great opportunities to showcase our abilities; this, combined with an interest in the commercial sector, has led us to set up TigerLilly Co., Ltd., a firm engaged in the branding and styling of products and services. Through various media channels, we create product buzz and differentiation, crafting an identity for goods and services that forge compelling connections with their target consumer groups.

Given the comprehensive scope of the JARKEN Group, we are able to offer our full attention to every facet of the design, building and marketing process, ensuring that the highest quality services are delivered every step of the way. Our work consistently wins recognition and receives accolades in the international arena, which attests to our core beliefs and capabilities.