JARKEN focuses on high-end architecture

JARKEN is aiming squarely at the high-end architectural market, introducing its business model for design and delivery, after landing the job to design a 39villa super luxury project in Phuket worth Bt1.2billion, which is owned by a group of Scandinavian developers.

“At JARKEN group of companies , we create outstanding environments rooted in our unique design process and inimitable business model,” managing director Kuldej Sinthawanarong said yesterday. This year JARKEN, a Bangkok based architecture and interior design firm specializing in modern driven design, has been involved in more than 30 high-end residential projects worth more than Bt300 million for both local and overseas clients.

Working in collaboration with architects, developers, contractors and clients, JARKEN creates exceptional residential environments ranging from private residences to edgy commercial projects, Modern scene is the core principle that drives JARKEN to achieve a balance among art , architecture , fashion and lifestyle.

The company has designed and been involved in some of the most unique private residences, resort hotels, apartments and condominiums during the last 10 years . To strength its network of allies , JARKEN has recently entered into a joint venture with Schneider Electric, an electrical and information technology group, for a data center. The projects will feature a state of the art IT facility with modern buildings for public and government offices throughout Thailand.

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