Silom Office Space

Who: JARKEN Co., Ltd (Sasivimol Sinthawanarong)

What: Creates and revitalizes an 20 years old dull office space into a very extensive, yet feel exclusive of flowers, rocks and serpentines that design to flow into one another.

When: 2013-2014

Where: Silom rd, Bangkok, Thailand

Why: To highlight the petals of a corporate identity 'lotus' that shows the company strength and simplicity, blending with stylish, vibrant and energetic environment designed space for young generation's employment patterns.

Describe your practice in three words: Smart Luxury Creative

Where do you draw inspiration from?: Surrounding unforeseen reflection of contemporary design and fashion emerging between the digital and the physical realms, the collaboration of natural forms and functions collapses into any object with intrinsic sensorial behaviors

What makes you stand out from others in your field? Strong personal design intent with clear and concise statement from inception stage of design throughout the project onto the delivery

Where do you go, or what do you do, when you get stuck on a project? Clear my head, an do it again and again Name a book you think every (designer/artist/architect, etc) should read. Patricia Aguilera and Emotional Branding

What design tool can you not live without? Triangle scale, sketchbook and pencils

What project are you most proud of? Every single one of them

How would you define creativity? Being creative is about being “never enough” There is no final piece of work. No final applause. There is only an appetite that is never satisfied

What are you working on currently? Hotel in Thailand

If you could invite any artist/designer/creative out for coffee, who would you choose and why? Patricia Aguilera because I would like to find out how she makes her works speak for herself.

Could you please tell us a bit about you, who you are and what you do? Design Principal at JARKEN group of companies, interior architect by profession.

Could you please introduce your recent Silom Office project? Was it a renovation of an existing office space or a new construction? The project was a total make over, a renovation from 20 years old office space that need fresh look yet maintaining the client's existing brand identity in a more fashionable.

What were the main objectives that the client was looking to achieve in the main office space and how did you address their requests? The space need to speak in terms of design interiority. All features in the new renovated space must be innovative, welcoming and hearted-felt touchy for visitors. The client's business is agricultural so all elements we use must be eco-friendly and self-explainable.

What was the greatest challenge you faced in the design and how did you resolve it? Hand craft furniture and materials. All elements for fix and loose furniture must be custom made to details. Budget is challenge when it comes to that. We resolved that by working closely with craft man and suppliers.

Could you talk a bit about the Wall Span, I think the textual element is interesting. It's a graphic design on staff personal cabinet to give them power of integrity and motivation that lead this organization to dates

Could you talk about your choice of color in the teleconference room? Must be dynamic. They call it wall room as commodity market changes faster than stock market.

Could you please talk about the wall treatment in the Lobby as well, what is the material and what was your concept for this space? Moving people, bring them to the pace for future (18th floor) we use book match mosaic randomly.

Welcoming and hospitality for visitors on the 4th floor.

What’s next? What are you working on currently? Hotel in Santorini, Huahin, Thailand

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